Still using a regular e-mail account, Google sheets for your portfolio and  you need to login to every site to place links? Stop wasting time and start bulk mailing potential linkbuilding leads, manage contacts and projects. Pigeontool will help you reduce valuable time so you can increase your linkbuilding efforts.

Reduce Time





Personalize your e-mail outreach

Make your outreach e-mails personal with easy to use shortcodes inside your own template. You can make as many templates as you need. Combine templates and prospectlist to make a campaign.

Manage your projects

Keep track of your progress per project. A project can be a client but also your own website. Set a monthly goal and see how far you allready are. You can export the traded links to Excel. We check if your links are still there every 24 hours and will notify you if a link is missing.

Automatically place trades

No need to login to place the trades you made on your portfolio websites. We offer multiple options to link your portfolio websites. If your using WordPress then you can use our plugin. We also offer a PHP and JS solutions. You can fully manage the trade you made from the Pigeontool dashboard.

Keep track of your received trades

What is more annoying than your hard earned link removed aftere a couple of weeks. We check all you trades every 24 hours and notify you when the link is missing.

Send outreach mails in bulk

Create a prospect list where you collect linkbuilding opportunities. Combine the list with a template and your good to go for a campaign. Bulk mail the full list and even set follow-up mails based on a new template. See how many people opend the mail to keep track of mail subject for ctr optimalisation.

Linkbuilding outreach software

But ofcourse there is more!

We know how time consuming linkbuilding is and will do anything to reduce this for you. Here are some more features that will make getting premium backlinks more easy.

  • No longer send a Google sheet with trade options. We generate a page for you
  • Send an automatic reminder after 3 days of your outreach mail
  • Set goals per project and have a simple overview of your progress
  • Use your own E-mailaccount using IMAP / SMTP
  • Receive and send mails
  • Export your trades links for
  • Create prospect lists
  • Start a campaign
  • Keep track of contact information per trade

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? Have a look at some we answerd before.

For the mail you can use your own mail account. You connect by using IMAP and SMTP. We have written a howto blog on this

There are different ways to have the links automatically placed on your website. Via Javascript, PHP or via the WP plugin

Yes, you can create a free demo account and use all functionalities for 14 days

Your answer not here? Just send u a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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