Linkbuilding outreach templates

Are you looking to build up your website but you’re not exactly sure what to do? Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything to turn your website into something that people really want to visit, but you’re still falling short. That’s where outreach linkbuilding can be your new best friend. With outreach linkbuilding you’re getting other people to help you with the work of building your brand and that is going to make the whole thing a whole lot easier and more effective at the same time with out linkbuilding outreach templates

Why You Need Linkbuilding

First, linkbuilding is simply putting a link to your website on someone else’s web page. It sounds simple, right? And really, it is, but just why are you going to want to do that? Well, the number one reason is that the more places your link is the more likely someone is to actually find you. If you saw the same website everywhere you went you’d probably eventually decide to check it out, right? You want to know what all the fuss is about. That’s especially true if the people who are talking about it or posting it are people that you already like and trust (i.e. a website that you already go to).

Linkbuilding is about reaching out to people who have a similar or complimentary website to yours and asking about getting a post with them or just a link that will send their customers and viewers over to your website. Of course, you definitely want to talk to them about it before you go trying to add your link somewhere that it doesn’t belong or isn’t wanted (don’t add your links to the comments of a bunch of posts or just try to sneak it in some other way). You need to actively ask them if it’s okay and that’s where these templates come into play.

The Templates You Need to Know

When it comes to actually sending out that email there are several different templates that you can use. Even more, there are several different styles of writing those templates that you can use. It all depends on the type of business you run and the type of website that you’re looking to get links put onto. So, just how are you going to get started? Let’s take a look at some of the options that you can customize to fit your needs.

A Content Preview

One way you can reach out to a potential connection is by offering them the opportunity to look at some of your work. Sure, they can go directly to your website and check out what you’re doing on their own, but if you send them an email that talks about something specific you’re doing even better. After all, you want them to link to one specific piece of content. If you send them a letter that details what you want them to link to and why you think it’s a good fit for their website you’re going to be off to a better start and a better chance of getting a favorable response. The key is to personalize your letter to their website specifically and to offer to send them the link so they can look at it.


Dear Kathy,

I love your blog The World of Food, and I saw that you’re doing a special on make-ahead meals. I’m the content curator for Meal Prep 101 and we just published an article on our favorite freezer meals that I think will really fit in well with your content.


If you would be interested in taking a closer look at our favorite meals I would love to send you the article so you can find out more. Let me know if you would like to see the content we have.

Thank you,



A Learning Moment

People like to learn interesting facts. In fact, there are entire industries built around so-called ‘useless information.’ If you have some interesting facts or statistics in the post that you want them to link to that’s a good way to start things out. Start with an interesting fact that’s going to make them want to know more. Maybe you have some cool statistics about weddings or a unique fact about education in another country. Whatever it is, lead with one of your most interesting pieces of information and get them to open that email and then keep reading. Of course, your interesting fact should be related to the content you want them to help you with.


Dear John,

Did you know that Chicago’s moniker as the ‘Windy City’ was actually intended as an insult to the residents and not about their weather at all?

We have created a post that details some of the interesting facts about cities throughout America and their history. I’ve included it here because I think it might be a great fit for the series you’ve been doing about road tripping around the country. Do you think your readers would be interested in learning more about these great cities?




An Exclusive Opportunity

Do you have the inside scoop on something that your competition would love to have? Is it something that your readers are definitely dying to know about? If so, you could pitch your content to a potential link before it goes live. This is when you want to really do your research. You need a potential connection that has an interest in what you’re going to be talking about. If you know about new scientific research that shows a possible change in how we treat cancer you don’t want to pitch it to someone who posts about their favorite recipes. You’ll need to know who’s been writing on a similar topic and then you can offer them an exclusive opportunity to link to the content when you post it or to post about it on their own blog.


Dear Abby,

I’ve been following along with your coverage of the elephant crisis and I just wanted to tell you about the new research we’re going to be releasing about the ivory industry.


We’ve found a great deal of information about how the ivory industry is still thriving, despite the legislation that’s been enacted and the immense pressure to stop this practice. I’d be more than happy to offer you the opportunity of exclusive access and the first look at this content if you’d like to write about it on your blog. Would you be interested?

All the Best,



A Freebie

When it comes to getting links nothing makes it easier than taking all the work on for yourself. If you’re willing to create not just the original article, but a guest post that will link to your article that’s even more likely to get you what you’re looking for. After all, a traditional link means that the website you’re trying to work with has to put some effort into the process, and they don’t necessarily want to do that. So, offer to do it for them. Give them the opportunity to get a free guest post and in exchange you get to link it back to something that you have (which you’ll clear with them as well).


Dear Lynn,

I saw that you recently created content about the best books of 2019 and I wanted to talk to you about some of the most anticipated books that will be coming out this year. My team has found a whole host of different books that people are excited about and we’ve created a list that we know will be a hit.


Do you think that this would be something your readers would be interested in as well? We’d be more than happy to create the article for you to post on your blog. Just let us know if you’d like us to work on this article.

Looking forward to working with you,



A Personal Option

It’s important that you get to know the people that you’re trying to pitch to. That doesn’t mean you need to stalk their social media channels or try to read every post they’ve ever written. What you do need to do is a bit of research. Read enough that you know something that interests them (that wasn’t in the very last post they published) and then use that information to tie into something that you’ve written. If you have something that will make their life easier or will flow well with what they already do it’s definitely going to get you  at least a little closer to a ‘yes.’


Dear Kevin,

I noticed that you’ve been closely following the U.S. Open and I’m sure I know who you’re rooting for. I’m definitely on the same team. Because of this, I wanted to share with you an article that we created with statistics from some of the best matches of the U.S. Open throughout its history.


There have been some really interesting matches and some real underdog wins that I think would be really interesting to your readers who are closely watching the current match. I see that you publish a weekly newsletter about the latest in golf news and I wondered if perhaps this article would be a good fit.


Please let me know if you’re interested.



A Link of Their Own

Did you talk about this particular business or website yourself recently? If you did then you’re definitely closer to getting what you’re looking for. If you already have a link on your page that you gave them without them needing to ask for it you’ve already done a favor, and completely free. So, invite them to take a look at the article that you talked about them in and share any additional information that might be helpful for your readers to know about that topic or content. From there, you just might get an offer or a mention from their website to yours.


Dear Ellen,

I loved reading your articles on wedding planning and in fact, we mentioned your recent article about creating a wedding website in our latest article about getting ready for your big day. It was definitely a big hit with our readers and I wanted to share it with you as well.


I wanted to check with you and see if you had any further insight abut how to create a website or where to get started. Thanks for checking it out.



A Differing Opinion

Everyone likes to have people agree with them, but sometimes it’s a good idea to share information that’s contrary to yours as well. You want your readers to be able to see more than just your opinion on everything, right? You want them to make informed decisions. That’s where you could be helpful to other websites as well. Share the information with them when you feel differently about an issue than they do and invite them to share the link so their readers can see a different point of view. It’s important that you’re respectful of their opinion and that our article is written to inform and not to bash those who feel differently from you, but you could create a great contrast that helps both of your readers.


Dear Javier,

I saw that you’ve been writing about the drawbacks of some of the fad diets that are getting more popular lately. I’ve actually just written an article about some of the health benefits associated with the ketogenic diet and some of the ways that people are seeing great results.


I think it was really interesting what you had to say, but I think that there are some aspects of this diet that can help a lot of people. I think there’s some ways that eating specific foods like this can help those who want to lose weight, for example.


I’ve written about this in my latest blog post and I referenced your article about some of the drawbacks and things people should watch out for. I wondered if perhaps you’d like to create a joint post about ways to evaluate diets before jumping in.


Good Wishes,



A Lot of Feedback

Sometimes you have great content that’s actually doing really well all on its own, but you still want to get a bit of a boost. When that’s the case you want to let the website you’re pitching to know just how well that article is doing. Maybe you’ve had it retweeted 1,000. Maybe it’s been pinned on Pinterest over 5,000 times. Maybe you have 100 comments. Whatever it is that proves the content is doing well, you want to share it (along with information about why that article is a good fit for their website, of course). You might have a little bit more of an edge.


Dear Chantel,

When it comes to video games just about everyone has a take, but we’ve just published an article on the best game systems throughout history and it’s really taking off.


Our Top 10 List talks about the best systems from each company and also discusses just how many people are still using even the older systems. It’s actually been super popular, with over 2,000 views on our website and over 3,000 retweets of the original post. People are getting really excited.


I wanted to find out if you had seen it or if you think it would be a good match for your blog.

Thank you,



Creating Your Templates

So, once you know which type of template you want to create and you have a baseline for how it’s going to look, it’s time to actually put them into action and that’s where things can get complicated. After all, if you’re sending out a lot of emails you could get a little sick of it. Plus, you’re constantly pulling in information and trying to add in names and contact info. That’s where you could definitely use a little help, right? That’s where you can uses the Pigeontool to help. Those details can definitely make or break your outreach, so make sure you’re taking the initiative to get help from a website that’s created to simplify the process.

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