Personalize your e-mail outreach

A personalized mail has a good chance of success than a standard bulk mail. Use short codes to send many emails within a short period of time. Your e-mail templates can also be used for a campaign.

Manage your project

set a goal per project, export the results in an Excel file and easily link this back to your customer or team. Your obtained links are checked every 24 hours. With the simple CRM system you can easily link contact information to a link.

Automatically place trades

No need to login to place the trades you made on your portfolio websites. We offer multiple options to link your portfolio websites. If your using WordPress then you can use our plugin. We also offer a PHP and JS solutions. You can fully manage the trade you made from the Pigeontool dashboard.

Keep track of obtained links

Never again the frustration of a link that has been removed. Check every 24 hours whether a link is still present and receive a message if this is not the case.

Other Features

In addition to the above features, there are all sorts of small tricks specially for online marketing professionals

  • No longer send a Google sheet with trade options. We generate a page for you
  • Send an automatic reminder after 3 days of your outreach mail
  • Set goals per project and have a simple overview of your progress
  • Use your own E-mailaccount using IMAP / SMTP
  • Receive and send mails
  • Export your trades links for
  • Create prospect lists
  • Start a campaign
  • Keep track of contact information per trade

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