In Pigeontool you can use your own e-mail account. This can be your but there are also many free e-mailproviders that are perfect to connect to the platform. The provider needs to give IMAP and SMTP acces, that’s all!

Step 1 – Settings

The first step is to retrieve the IMAP and SMTP settings. Normally these are easy to find. Als check if your provider enables external acces to your account. Some provides ask a verification before you can acces the account using IMAP.

Step 2 – Connection to Pigeontool

Now you need to add the settings to Pigeontool. Go to the “account settings > E-mail settings” page. If your haven’t connected before the page will be loaded on login. Use your IMAP and SMTP settings to connect. See the screenshot below for an example. The most common SMTP and IMAP port are already filled in. If your provider uses different ports you can still change them.







Step 3 – Test your connection

If your settings are good you will get a positieve message. Congrats! Now you can sending and receiving mails.

Good to know: Because Pigeontool uses IMAP to connect to your account the mails received are also there when you log in the account. The mails send by Pigeontool are not stored in the account. This is because of the SMTP protecol.


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